As one of CEPARAM’s goal in fighting issues affecting young people in our communities, we would like to introduce Walani Art and Theatre project.

This will bring together the best of local culture and creativity.

WALANI is a unique youth brand that will use the power of art to tackle challenging topics involved in youth lives – from friendships between girls and boys, finding the confidence to express yourself, fighting harmful stereotypes that may lead to #mental ill-health and sexual reproductive health issues.

WALANI will help vulnerable persons to be seen, to be heard, and to achieve what they want without being judged according to cultural beliefs because sex, color and disability does not define prosperity.

WALANI has the potential to deliver solutions to the social challenges young people face effectively because a lot of young people pay attention to music, drama and all sorts of art.

WALANI Art and Theatre project comprises the following programs

  • S.H.A.P to change