I Care Campaign

Mai Mofolo 

Two weeks ago, CEPARAM was introduced to the family of Mai Mofolo. She is a 75 year old woman living in Matiti village in Zomba. At her old age, Mai Mofolo supports her two children aged 26 and 22 years old.

The 22- year old daughter struggles every day to bring food on the table by doing minimum wage piece works to take care of her five young children of which the youngest two them have the same father and like the other father figure in the family is absent.

The 26 year old son to Mai Mofolo has a speech impairment therefore he is unable to speak and hear. He struggles to communicate with the rest of the community.

CEPARAM, through its tri-vessel community intervention program, the I Care Campaign, has included the family of Mai Mofolo on its list of beneficiaries of the program.

The family of Mai Mofolo, together with the many less privileged people in the village of Mulosola and other surrounding areas will be provided with basic need materials such as food, in the form of Porridge for the kids, reusable face-masks and reusable sanitary pads.